Gurkha soldiers do not fight against China in Indian army, anti-India campaign started in Nepal

By | 28th June 2020

Gurkha soldiers do not fight against China in Indian army, anti-India campaign started in Nepal

India’s neighbor is looking in China’s favor. There is now a demand in the country that Nepali Gurkha citizens should not join the Indian Army after having the territories of India on their map. Gurkha citizens will not fight against China on behalf of India. Netra Vikram Chande of the banned Communist Party of Nepal has appealed to the leadership in Kathmandu to stop Gorkha civilians from joining the Indian Army. A press release issued by the party said, “Amid rising tensions between India and China following the killing of Indian soldiers in the Galvan Valley, India has appealed to Nepali citizens of the Gorkha Regiment to cancel their leave and go on duty.” This means that India wants to bring our Nepali citizens into the army against China.

The statement said the deployment of Gurkha troops by India would be against Nepal’s foreign policy. Nepal is an independent country and young people serving in one country’s army should not be used against another. The party is underground, but has a lot of leftist support.

Gurkha soldiers have a different significance in the army. Even in India, most Gurkha soldiers are stationed in hilly areas. At the same time, it is also said about the Gurkha soldiers that no one can fight better in the mountains than them. Gurkha soldiers are included in the army not only in India but also in Britain. Recently, IMA has appointed three Nepali nationals after completing the training.

India’s relations with Nepal have been good so far, but have just begun to sour. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s domestic politics has further fueled the boundary controversy. Nepal’s parliament has approved the disputed map. In it, Nepal has shown the script of Uttarakhand, Kala Pani and Limpiyadhura in its territory.

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