Johnson and Johnson will have to pay Rs 15,878 crore to 22 women in talcum powder case

By | 26th June 2020

Johnson and Johnson will have to pay Rs 15,878 crore to 22 women in talcum powder case

A US court has ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay Rs 15,878 crore (2. 2.1 billion) to 22 women for cervical cancer caused by talcum powder. However, in July 2018, the court asked Johnson & Johnson to pay 4. 4.69 billion. Last month the company announced it would stop selling talcum powder in the US-Canada.

Several women in the U.S. state of Missouri filed a lawsuit against the company. The company’s powder related products were found to cause uterine cancer. The jury reached the verdict unanimously in a case filed by 22 women. The women alleged that the company’s powder-based products caused cancer to develop in their uterus.

According to the complainant, the asbestos present in talcum powder based products has contributed to the development of cervical cancer in them. According to the petitioner’s lawyers, the women had been aware of the presence of asbestos in the company’s powdered products since the 70’s, but did not write a warning on the products about the bad consequences of asbestos. He claimed that experimenting with products like baby powder for many decades has caused cancer.

Notably, only 5 women are from Missouri, while another 17 women are from other states, 6 of whom have died of cancer. The court said the company was aware that their products contained asbestos but was sold to customers. The company is a large and multi-million dollar corporation, the court said. So he has to pay the damages to the applicants in this case. It is impossible to compare money against emotional, physical and mental damage.

Thousands of such cases have been filed against Johnson & Johnson in the United States. The company has failed to inform its customers that asbestos is present in their talcum powder, which can lead to cancer.

Last month, the company announced that it was discontinuing production of talcum-based baby powder in the United States and Canada. But they will continue to sell their product in the rest of the world.

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