America has a weapon of war that China cannot stop

By | 23rd May 2020

America has a weapon of war that China cannot stop

The Pentagon, the US defense headquarters, has given a report to the Trump administration, soon after which Trump suddenly declared war on China. Trump’s announcement has shocked everyone.

Rising tensions between the US and China have reached war preparations and the US has declared its biggest weapon against China. According to US President Donald Trump, the United States has a military weapon that no one has seen before.

Named the Super Duper Missile, it hits 17 times faster than missiles. Russia is working on a missile 5 times faster and 6 times faster. But the United States currently has missiles with a speed of 17 times.
There is no weapon so fast in the world.

Trump has claimed that these missiles hit faster than missiles from Russia and China. It’s called the hypersonic missile, which Russia and China also claim, but Trump has launched a new arms race, calling it the most powerful missile.

Has America built a weapon to destroy China?

What has happened is that the U.S. has been on dangerous missiles. Has announced faster hypersonic missiles than Russia and China.

Whose speed is 5 times faster than the speed of sound. The speed of sound is 1238 km per hour, which is 15000 miles i.e. 24140 km. This means that a hypersonic missile fired from New York could hit Beijing in an hour. With the Super Duper missile, America can destroy the whole of China in a few minutes.

Russia has the Avangard hypersensitive nuclear missile. Russia In a few hours, a nuclear attack could strike any corner of the earth.

Trump has claimed that now Russia and China will be nothing. The greatest strength of a hypersonic missile is speed, so that the enemy does not have a chance to retaliate. That there is no time to break it. Unlike ballistic and cruise missiles, it can change its direction, so it is very difficult to catch.

China is the first country to manufacture and deploy hypersonic missiles. Last year, China showed the DF-17 missile, its hypersonic missile, at its national military parade. After this, Russia also claimed to build hypersonic missiles. By 2022, the US Army will also be equipped with hypersonic missiles. India’s DRDO is working on a hypersonic missile.

Trump’s announcement has sparked a fierce arms race around the world.

Trump may have been inspired by his super duper weapon to threaten Russia and China in particular. Guam’s military base in the Pacific Ocean will also be at risk. The gist of the report is that the US could lose to China if a war breaks out in Taiwan.

America is ahead of China in every respect. China has 3,120 aircraft against 13,264 in the US. The U.S. has 2085 fighter jets while China has 1232. The U.S. is ahead of 967 vs 281 in attack helicopters. America has 20 aircraft carriers, China has only 2. America has 91 destroyers and China has 36 aircraft carriers. China is heavier on America just in case of submarines.

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