Latest corona Report–Ahmedabad.

By | 6th May 2020

The whole world is fighting the current state of the corona virus in its own way. Fortunately, due to the late arrival of the corona in India compared to other countries in the world, we have a wealth of their mistakes and experiences. Ahmedabad is the second largest city in Corona in India. But the situation in Gujarat is such that due to lack of political savvy and leadership, the Gujarat officials themselves are pushing Gujarat to the brink of death instead of rescuing it from Corona, especially in the city of Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nehra was working day and night to overcome the situation of Corona in Ahmedabad by using various techniques. But Vijay Nehra was determined to fight on the basis of real statistics instead of hiding the real statistics of Corona. Vijay Nehra was of the view that the lockdown should be extended in view of the situation in Ahmedabad, but Vijay Rupani and his secretary were moving in the direction that businesses should start employment following constant pressure from corporate houses. However, Vijay Nehra was obstructing the decision.

Ahmedabad Mun. Apart from sitting in the chair of Commissioner Vijay Nehra, no secretaries or politicians of the Gujarat government were getting an idea of the serious situation in Ahmedabad. Due to which Vijay Nehra was sent on leave in the name of self-quarantine and Mukesh Kumar was given the charge of Ahmedabad Commissioner in his place.

When Kailash Nathan, Jayanti Ravi, Ashwini Kumar, Rajiv Gupta and Mukesh Kumar took charge of Ahmedabad, within 24 hours of sitting in the chair, they realized that the situation in Ahmedabad was really serious. All these officials were trying to prove Vijay Nehra wrong. Her mistake was due to take over the city of 80 million people lives at stake.

On Wednesday afternoon, the officials decided to close Ahmedabad by May 15. Millions of Ahmedabadis took to the streets on Wednesday evening, banning all necessities of life except milk and drug stores without giving them any time or opportunity. Vijay Nehra Corona’s super spreader wanted to keep the public away from shopkeepers and vegetable growers where a crowd of millions had gathered.

The water turned back on the 50-day lockdown due to a reckless decision by officials. The house of Vijay Rupani and his officials will have enough food and vegetables for two weeks but the Rupani government has failed to get an estimate of the lack of such arrangements in the homes of Ahmedabadis and the situation in Ahmedabad today has led to a moral responsibility

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