On the issue of opening lockdown, Jayanti Ravi broke the silence, “The transition is bound to continue, how long will we keep business and employment closed?”

By | 3rd May 2020

While the Koro epidemic has now spread to about 30 districts in Gujarat, Jayanti Ravi, the front secretary of the health department, says the transition will take place across Gujarat. The only precaution now is that the lower the prevalence and speed of this transition, the better for Gujarat.

Today, the central government has issued guidelines for opening small shops. Jayanti Ravi has made an important statement on the issue of decision to open shops in Gujarat. Jayanti Ravi said that the transition is bound to continue. How long can business be kept closed? The economic situation has also been discussed. Then the people of the city have to be careful themselves.

According to sources, Jayanti Ravino had expressed his views on the central government’s decision to start business. The transition in the state is bound to continue, he said. How long can we keep business employment closed. According to experts and experts, the economic situation has also been discussed. Now we the people have to be careful about the issue of Koro. But the final decision rests with the government.

It may be mentioned here that coronavirus has spread almost all over Gujarat and in the coming days this situation is going to become more severe. The most important thing is that no such bad situation arises in Gujarat that the situation is created to treat the infected people and it would be better if the diameter and speed of the infection is kept so slow. Due to lockdown, Gujarat has the advantage that the pace of transmission of coronavirus within Gujarat has also slowed down and the spread has also been completed.

The rate of coronavirus cases is four days within Ahmedabad, i.e. every four days the cases of coronavirus within Ahmedabad get worse and similarly the rate of cases of coronavirus in Gujarat as a whole is six days. That is, every six days it doubles in Gujarat. If this continues, so many more cases will come up. But the health department says everyone should follow the rules that are advised and that the rate of doubling today could be reduced. The lower the rate, the slower the transition.

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